Drinking, Hailing, Beating, Stealing = Bad Night

Police say an intoxicated man stole a taxi after arguing with driver

Can't find a cab in Wrigleyville? Steal one!

That might not be the best idea, but it seemed like a good one to James Burns, of Rogers Park, at 2:30 a.m. Saturday.

Burns hailed a cab near the intersection of Clark and Addison Streets. Upon entering, he told the driver to "just drive," according to police.

The driver informed the 24-year-old that he required an address, and an argument ensued.

The driver ordered Burns out of the cab. The allegedly intoxicated passenger refused. See where this is going? 

After the driver got out of the car and opened the door for Burns, the beligerent man "jumped out" and physically assaulted the driver, police told the Chicago Sun-Times.

The driver reportedly fled from Burns. After pursuing the cabbie for only a short distance, Burns decided to steal the taxi instead, said police.

Authorities apprehended Burns about a block south of Wrigley Field.

He has been charged with vehicular hijacking and is scheduled for a preliminary hearing Friday.

Matt Bartosik, editor of Off the Rocks' next issue and "between blogs" blogger, tries to avoid Wrigleyville on weekends.

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