Family Pleads For Return of Man, 28, Reported Missing From Zion: ‘Please, Bring My Son Home, Please'

Cory Rhineheart was last seen by his family Friday at 9 a.m., according to a Facebook post from Zion police

The family of a man who went missing in Zion six days ago is pleading for anyone who might know where he is to come forward.

Cory Rhineheart's family believes he may be in danger and possibly being held against his will. They came to the Zion Police Department Wednesday morning to organize another search and pray that he’s found soon.

Andrea Holmes is Rhineheart's mother.

"Please, if you have my son, please let him go, please let him come home," she said. "He's such a sweet boy."

Rhineheart's father, Melvin Holmes, says the family just wants to "bring him home."

Ashley Rhineheart, Cory's sister, pleaded for the return of her brother.

"Please, please bring him back home, my brother is sweet and kindhearted and he does not deserve this wherever he is," she said.

The last time the 28-year-old was seen was Friday about 9 a.m., police said. He was wearing black hospital scrubs, black Converse tennis shoes and a black pea coat. When he didn’t show up for work over the weekend, the family says something wasn’t right.

A possible clue in the case is a trail of blood found at an apartment. It’s now being tested by police. Melvin Holmes says the occupants are no where to be found.

"Somebody out there knows where he is at," Melvin Holmes said.

Andrea Holmes says she will walk every street in town until she finds her son or someone who knows what happened to him.

"Please bring my son home, please," she said.

The family has organized another search for Thursday evening.

Anyone with information about Rhineheart’s location is asked to call Zion police at (847) 872-8000.

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