How to Make It Work After A Royal Wedding

Keeping a Royal marriage strong

Considering all the hype associated with the royal wedding, one wonders once the glamor fades if the relationship will survive the troubling royal family history.

Chicago sex therapist Dr. Laura Berman says the best way for Will and Kate to avoid walking the same path of divorce as parents Charles and Diana is to make their marriage a team effort.

“They’re starting their marriage off on solid ground and didn’t succumb to outside pressure to wed,” Berman said in a release. “But there are a few things they’ll need to do to keep their relationship strong.”

First, they'll need to make sure their marriage is more democracy than monarchy. There needs to be a level of  equal partnership where both make decisions. Middleton vowed to love and honor William, but not obey, which Berman thought was a good idea.

“Kate has already made it clear that William will not rule the relationship,” says Dr. Berman. “She made that statement early on in their courtship by remaining independent and keeping to her interests. When it comes to the wedding, it’s been reported that during her vows she’ll agree to love and honor him, but not obey.”

It also will be essential for the couple to keep the issues they face private. The pressure of the private eye and the camera will not be kind in the case that negative information the couple goes through is exposed.

The couple will have to create a normal personal life. With such a high status in the world and media, the two will have to honor time for each other always putting the other first.

If the couple makes sure abide by these rules, they will be on the road to a healthy beginning and a happy life.

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