Mailer Has Former Obama Staffers Crying Foul on Lipinski

Rep. Dan Lipinski is facing the closest election he's ever seen with opponent Marie Newman.

There are lots of mailers arriving at our doors these days--but one has some former Obama staffers upset.

Lipinski--with a super PAC helping him in the final days--forwarded a mailer with former President Barack Obama's photo paired with the words "known for leading," on one side. On the other, a photo of Democratic 3rd District congressional candidate Marie Newman with the words "known for misleading."

Former Obama staffers, like John Carson, gathered Thursday to say Lipinski is stealing the former president's image.

"President Obama needed Congressman Lipinski when every vote counted to pass the Affordable Care Act," Carson said. "We got it done without him--but his district deserves better."

Jennifer Warner is also a former Obama staffer.

"He was the only Illinois Democrat to vote against Obamacare," she told reporters.

Newman and Lipinski are locked in a tight race and Lipinski's health care vote is one of the main issues.

"The Affordable Care Act had a lot of flaws in it," he said.

Newman doubled down on Lipinski's record of voting against the ACA and "several healthcare measures since then."

"And all of a sudden he's part of the problem solvers group that has done nothing to solve the problem," she said.

Lipinski's spokesman told NBC 5 the mailer is from a super PAC and raises some serious concerns about Newman. In response, Newman said Lipinski has never been a real Democrat.

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