Maggie Daley's Flower Blooms

First time a City's first lady has recieved the naming honor

First Lady Maggie Daley has been waiting four years for her flower to bloom. 

Thursday along the Magnificent Mile she got to see its deep pink --- her favorite color -- adorn the city.

Tulipa Maggie Daley, the tulip named in her honor, made its debut along Chicago's finest street, and Mrs. Daley couldn't have been happier.

"Wow can you imagine having this done for yourself?" Daley, who arrived at the Hancock Center dedication on crutches, said at the floral event. "I'm touched very deeply. I carried only tulips on my wedding day."

The flower, which took 12 years to cultivate, was named for Daley in 2006. This is the first year the tulip was ready for exhibition.

It came alive in stunning fashion, amid a grand flower carpet at the base of one of the city's most iconic buildings. Crews used nearly three semis worth of mulch and 6,000 tulips to construct the beauteous display at on the Hancock plaza. It will remain there for two weeks.

If Maggie Daley seemed elated by the spectacle, so were local businessmen.

"When the tulips bloom on the Magnificent Mile so does our business," said Westin Hotel GM Peter Simon Celli.

Spring has certainly sprung.

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