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Madigan's Former Chief of Staff Pleads Not Guilty to Perjury

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The longtime chief of staff to former Illinois House Speaker Michael Madigan pleaded not guilty Friday to lying under oath to a federal grand jury that was investigating a bribery scheme involving electric utility Commonwealth Edison.

Timothy Mapes entered the plea through his lawyer during a hearing conducted remotely before U.S. District Judge John Lee, who allowed the 66-year-old to remain free pending trial.

Wednesday’s indictment states Mapes was granted immunity to testify and that his words or evidence he provided can’t be used against him in a criminal case unless he committed perjury, gave a false statement or otherwise failed to comply with the immunity order. Mapes testified before the grand jury on March 31, according to the indictment.

Mapes’ attorneys released a statement this week rejecting the perjury allegation, contending the government’s entire case is about Madigan.

“Tim Mapes testified truthfully in the grand jury,” they wrote. “His honest recollections — in response to vague and imprecise questions about events that allegedly took place many years ago — simply do not constitute perjury. This case, of course, is not about him — but about the government’s continued pursuit of his former boss.”

Madigan was the longest-serving legislative leader in U.S. history before he resigned his seat in February amid the corruption probe.

Madigan was implicate d in the bribery scheme involving Commonwealth Edison in July. ComEd admitted it secured jobs, often requiring little or no work, and contracts for his associates from 2011 to 2019 for favorable treatment in regulations. ComEd agreed in August to pay $200 million.

Madigan has not been charged in the probe, and describes himself as “the target of vicious attacks by people who sought to diminish my many achievements.”

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