Madigan Leaves Democrat Brunch Without Listening to Speakers

It was the largest crowd that anyone can remember for the Democratic Party Chairman brunch Thursday in Springfield.

State Party Chairman Mike Madigan was the first to speak, calling out Gov. Bruce Rauner's "radical agenda." He also offered a "thank you for being good Democrats."

After Madigan's opening remarks, he walked out. He did not bother to stay to listen to the 22 speakers on the program. They included the two Democratic senators Dick Durbin and Tammy Duckworth, as well as the keynote speaker Sen. Amy Klobuchar, considered a possible 2020 Presidential candidate.

Also, on the stage -- all eight democratic candidates for governor had their chance to speak as well.

When Ward Room asked Steve Brown, Madigan's spokesman why did Madigan leave, he replied "he had other appointments."

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