Maday in 2006: “I'm Not Going Back” to Jail

"Robert Maday" commented on newspaper post 3 years ago

Robert Maday -- or somebody familiar with his life's story -- told a Pennsylvania newspaper's web site three and half years ago that he'd do anything to avoid going back to jail.

"I'm not going back. the world is to big, too beautiful and too varied to trade it in for the cage i just left," the poster wrote on a comment board for the Times Leader of Wilkes Barre, Penn.

In another post, the writer says he "just finished an 11 year incarceration, more than 10 of which were in Lewisburg Federal Pen," which match details of Maday's life.

The comments were posted on the newspaper's story about a killer who once tried to escape prison.

Online users have subsequently found the post and have added comments relating to Maday's escape from investigators Thursday.

"after all that about not wanting to go back and your on the run today... " someone with the handle "toofunny" wrote.

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