James Neveau

Mackinac Bridge Closure Could Cause Traffic Snarls on Labor Day

Drivers are being warned about potential traffic snarls in northern Michigan on Labor Day as the Mackinac Bridge will be closed to vehicular traffic during the span's annual walk. 

Normally, the bridge remains open on one side, while pedestrians walk across the span on the other. This year however both sides will close to accommodate an estimated 60,000 people that will take part in the annual celebration.

According to MLive, there have always been traffic back-ups during the annual event, which is the only time that pedestrians are allowed access to the bridge. This year will be an even bigger deal, as authorities say a staggering 20-mile traffic jam could be created if motorists don’t heed their warning to stay off the roads.

The bridge will be closed to vehicular traffic from 6:30 a.m. to noon on Labor Day, and the time could be extended to finish getting pedestrians off the span. 

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