Lyons Police Release Brothers Who Said Mom and Sister Were Buried in Yard; Autopsies on Remains Expected

Police were initially called to the home Thursday after the local water department noted water had not been used in the home in over a year.

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The two brothers who told authorities their mother and sister were buried in a suburban Lyons backyard were released from police custody Monday, officials said.

The men, age 45 and 41, were taken in for questioning Saturday, but were released Monday following a 48-hour hold, according to Ray Hanania, a communications consultation for the village of Lyons.

The brothers have yet to be charged by the Cook County State's Attorney's Office, but officials say they "face potential felony charges for the illegal burying of the two bodies."

Police were initially called to the brothers' home in the 3900 block of Center Avenue Thursday after the local water department noted water had not been used in the home in over a year.

Upon arrival, police discovered the home "was filled from floor to ceiling with boxes and papers" and a number of other items. Feces was "all over" the residence, and there were no working toilets.

The brothers informed police that their sister pushed their mother, who was in her late 70s, down the stairs of the home in 2015, causing some type of "head contusion" that resulted in her death, Lyons Police Chief Tom Herion said. Their sister, the brothers said, fell ill and died in 2019.

The state of Illinois doesn't have record of either death, authorities said.

This past weekend, police dug up two bodies in the yard by using excavation equipment. Both bodies had yet to be identified as Monday. Autopsies were expected to be conducted by the Cook County Medical Examiner's Office.

The police chief said investigators are looking at every aspect of the brothers and the deceased individuals, including examining financial records.

The brothers told officers they buried the bodies in their backyard rather than pay the costs, and because of fears related to the coronavirus, Hanania previously said.

A social services agency was called to assist the brothers.

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