“Batman” Hospital Appearance Canceled

Hospital staff reportedly gave it "a lot of thought" and "consulted child psychiatrists" before canceling the appearance in wake of Colorado tragedy

Officials at Robert H. Lurie Children’s Hospital have canceled a Friday appearance by "Batman" in the wake of last week's massive shooting in Colorado.

Lenny B. Robinson, the man made famous after being pulled over in a full head-to-toe Batman suit costume in Maryland, was supposed to appear at the hospital Friday morning with his custom-made Batmobile.  

The hospital’s staff gave it “a lot of thought” and “consulted child psychiatrists” before canceling the appearance because it “could be upsetting to patients and parents,” hospital spokeswoman Julie Pesch said, according to the Chicago Sun-Times.

Robinson responded to the tragedy in Colorado last week.

"My heart goes out to the family and friends of those who were affected by the shooting in Aurora, Colorado. This senseless act of violence has nothing to do with the Warner Bros' Batman franchise. At the heart of the movie is a central heroic figure that gives hope. The shootings in Colorado was a tragic event, but will not stop me from portraying Batman. I will continue to portray this iconic superhero, giving courage to sick children around the world that need it most,” Robinson said in a statement.

Robinson learned he can change lives of sick children if he dons his cape and climbs into his Batmobile. Since 2001 Robinson has been visiting sick children in hospitals within the Baltimore area. Today he travels nationwide to bring his superhero to thousands of sick children.

Robinson became a huge YouTube sensation in March after video of him getting pulled over for a problem with his plates went viral. What was shocking however was that Robinson was in a black Lamborghini, with a Batman symbol license plate, dressed in full batman costume.

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