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Loyola University Suspends On-Campus Housing for Upcoming Fall Semester Due to Coronavirus

School officials say they will not host students in on-campus housing "until conditions are favorable"

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Loyola University Chicago will suspend on-campus housing for the upcoming fall semester due to the coronavirus pandemic, according to an announcement from the university.  

University officials distributed a letter on Thursday alerting students and staff of the decision to close on-campus housing for the fall semester, which begins Aug. 24.

“It kind of sucks for people who really need to live on-campus, especially people who live really far away like international students,” said Loyola graduate student Yiyu Cheng.  “I can’t imagine for undergrads who have to figure out how to rent a place last minute.”

School officials cite health conditions and concern over future uncertainty regarding the coronavirus for the decision to close doors.

“With predictions of increased outbreaks in the coming months, and early reports of COVID-19 clusters at other higher education institutions, we simply cannot put our on-campus residential students in harm’s way and risk further disruption,” the statement reads.

Loyola has shifted classes to online instruction and residence halls have been closed since March due to the pandemic.

“Living on campus freshman year was such a big part of our experience,” said Loyola student Megan Le. “It’s how we all met each other.”

Aside from the impact on students, residents worry what the move may mean for businesses on and near campus.

“Businesses won’t have students occupying their space anymore. It’s sad,” said Marne Brocksmith, a Roger’s park resident. “A lot of places have already closed down.”

In a previous statement, officials announced classes will resume in the fall to a primarily online mode of instruction and in-person classes will be limited to courses that require doing so, like research-based classes and labs.

“As we face these challenges together, let us remember that Loyola is not merely a campus, but a collective of hearts sharing common values,” the statement reads. “Let us continue onward, together, to follow our 150-year calling and emerge from this moment stronger, closer, and even more united as one Rambler family.”

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