This Chicago Burger Just Dethroned Au Cheval, According to Bon Appetit

Au Cheval’s burger, a longstanding Chicago favorite, has been dethroned by Bon Appetit culinary magazine in favor of another unique beef patty.

Loyalist, in Chicago’s Fulton Market, now carries the title of one of the best in the nation. The burger is called the “Dirty Burg,” and will set you back $16—but on Tuesdays it comes with fries, a beer and a shot for $15.

The burger, consisting of a short rib, chuck, and ground bacon patty, even has its own Instagram.

It also comes with housemade pickles; American cheese; onions; and onion-infused mayo.

Little Jack’s Tavern in Charleston, S.C. and Din’s in Nashville were also named among the top three burgers of 2017

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