Lovie Offers Bears Seats to Obama

Bears coach happy the president elect is a fan

Chicago Bears head coach Lovie Smith admitted last week he voted for president-elect Barack Obama.  Wednesday at Halas Hall he talked about the Grant Park rally that he thought about attending. 

"I thought about going," Smith said, adding his son went instead.  Smith and Indianapolis Colts coach Tony Dungy were the first two African-Americans head coaches to take their teams to the Super Bowl.

"He is the most powerful man in the world," Smith said about the significance of Obama's election. "And he's Black." 

"When you have a first like that you don't know exactly how to act," Smith said in trying to put to words his emotions about election night. "And he's a Bears fan."

Smith said Obama has an open invitation to see the team play. 

Another perk of the job.

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