Lovie Smith: Urlacher Could Be a “Great Coach” If He Wanted to Be

Lovie Smith still thinks former Chicago Bears linebacker Brian Urlacher has coaching abilities.

“Brian Urlacher can do just about anything Brian Urlacher wants to do,” said the former Bears coach.

Smith, who accepted a position in January as head coach for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, said seeing the end of the longtime defensive anchor’s career was unfortunate.

“Guys like that, you don’t want to see their career end,” he said.

A leader like Urlacher would be welcome as a coach, but after the grueling life of playing football, he said he’s not interested in the grueling life of coaching football. NFL coaches routinely put in 80-90 hour weeks during the season.

And while Lovie still believes in Urlacher's coaching potential, he doesn't believe it's in his future.

“If Brian wanted to be a great coach he could be a great coach, like everything he's really started, but I know for a fact that’s not in his plan,” Smith said.

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