Lou Malnati's Voted Most Life-Changing Pizza

Chicago restaurant places first in Esquire poll

Can a pizza change your life?

Apparently it can, if you're talking about an institution like Lou Malnati's. According to an Esquire poll, Malnati's makes the most life-changing pizza in the country.

The Chicago restaurant barely eked out its victory in the reader-based survey, winning by a paltry 0.6 percent. Gino's East also has reason to brag, coming in fifth place.

The first Lou Malnati's restaurant opened in Lincolnwood in 1971 and has expanded to 34 locations in the Chicagoland area.

Former Chicago residents, including celebs, have been known to have the pizzas overnighted to their homes.

And adding more fuel to the New York-Chicago pizza debate -- NYC also landed two pizza restaurants in the top 10 of the poll, albeit in lower positions.

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