Lotto Winner Still a Mystery, Prospect Heights Locals Seek Lucky Station

Prospect Heights locals keep checking their lotto tickets at a Shell station where the latest winner—who has yet to step forward to claim the multi-million dollar prize—received theirs.

“(I’m) sorry that I didn’t get it,” said local Waldo Nowak. “I am playing over here all the time,” he said.

The quick-pick ticket purchased for the Dec. 1 drawing is now worth $22.5 million.

“That’s cool, I would’ve never thought that I live, kind of, so close to one that sold that much money,” said another lotto player, Troy Altman.

The Clerk at the local Shell station everyone keeps talking about, Zahid Syad Mohamed, said he has no idea who the winner could be.

“All of my customers are regular customers that play the lottery—the majority,” he said.

Although Jessie Plimel didn’t win the lotto either, she hopes lightning strikes again in the same place.

“I would have loved to have been that person,” she said. “But good luck to them. That’s awesome for them.”

The owner of the gas station is one of the winners—just for selling the ticket, the store gets $22,000.

Still, many are hopeful that this station could get lucky once more and deem them the next lotto winner.

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