Betty Loren-Maltese Garage Sale Continues Saturday, Sunday

Shoppers can buy items for as little as $1.50

You can spruce up your home or wardrobe with Betty Loren-Maltese originals for less than $2.

The former Cicero town president and ex-convict held the first day of what will be a weekend long garage sale on Friday.

Hundreds of shoppers lined up outside her friend's Forest View home for a chance to buy Loren-Maltese’s belongings, including her pant suits, collectible clowns and costume earrings, the latter going for just $1.50 a pair.

Ava Barcelona paid $205 for a picture of Loren-Maltese that once hung in her Cicero office.

"When I laid eyes on her on TV, I said, 'That lady is a gorgeous lady. She is my forever Liz Taylor,'" said Barcelona.

As for Loren-Maltese, she posed for pictures with the crowd, signed autographs and smiled, but admits the garage sale is out of necessity.

"The government took everything, and I mean everything, vehicles, everything. And I really need money just to survive," she said.

The ex-convict still owes restitution to the federal government for her corruption conviction in 2002, but she expects she can pocket any proceeds from the sale. She told the paper she just needs cash.

The garage sale continues Saturday and Sunday, beginning at 9 a.m. at 4500 S. Grove Ave. in Forest View.

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