Pig Tales: Loose Animal Captured After 2 Weeks, With 3 More Hogs Still Roaming Chicago Suburb

The saga continues

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One pig penned, three more left to go.

Four loose pigs have continuously muddied attempts made by police to corral them in a Western suburb of Chicago.

After evading capture for over two weeks, one of the pigs was brought in by a team of Wayne residents Sunday.

Now, police are left wrestling the others, stating in a Facebook post that "more work is left to be done to secure the rest of the family so they may be reunited."

In an earlier update, police said they called in help from the Chicagoland Pig Rescue.

"The loose pigs are still enjoying their freedom within the same general vicinity of where they were first spotted," chief of police Timothy Roberts said in an email last Friday. "They have slightly expanded the area they’ve been roaming, and so that’s making the live trap that was set a bit less useful."

The pigs were first spotted by the western portion of Army Trail Road from approximately Robin Lane to Fox Glen Drive, according to police.

In a Facebook post from Aug. 2, police said “the team of bandits thwarted efforts" by officers to enclose them by scurrying into nearby woods.

While police managed to share pictures of the pigs, they were "disheartened" that they didn't capture videos of the attempted round ups.

But police were able to snap pictures of them collecting a herd of loose goats Aug. 4.

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