Long, Bennett Engage in Twitter Feud Over Unfollowing

The tight end apparently unfollowed Kyle Long on Twitter, prompting an interesting exchange

Kyle Long is one of the most prodigious tweeters on the Chicago Bears, and on Monday night he took to the social media network to confront one of his teammates about a perceived slight.

That teammate is tight end Martellus Bennett, who apparently unfollowed Long on Twitter:


Bennett’s response didn’t leave much doubt as to where he stood on the matter:

To his credit, Long addressed the situation on his feed Tuesday afternoon:


Some outlets and fans are saying that this is another example of the dissension taking place within the Bears’ locker room, but judging by Long’s last comment on the subject, it appears that he was just being silly and Bennett took him a bit more seriously than the lineman had anticipated.

Of course, for all we know this is a serious battle that will have to be decided the old-fashioned way: with a dance-off. 

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