London Mayor Visits Chicago Amid First Trip to North America

Getty Images

In his first official visit to North America as Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan is visiting Montreal, Chicago and New York.

The trip aims to promote London as a “key destination for investment, business and tourism,” especially after the Brexit vote. Khan also plans to highlight the need for “building bridges rather than walls” a reference to GOP presidential nominee Donald Trump’s plan to build a wall along the US Mexico border.

In a recent op-ed for the Chicago Tribune, Khan wrote, “It’s not for me to get involved in your presidential election. It’s up to you to decide who runs your country. But I will say this: We play straight into the hands of the extremists and terrorists trying to divide us when we buy into the belief that it’s not possible to hold Western values and to be a Muslim.”

Khan is the first Muslim mayor of a western capital. He is set to speak Thursday at the Chicago Council on Global Affairs.

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