Lollapalooza Street Closures Kick In

Streets close to festival to be shut down by July 31

There's a price to be paid for experiencing dozens of top-notch artists at one of the best music festivals in the country -- traffic.

Some street closures have already kicked in for the area around Grant Park, and more will go into effect in the days leading up to when the gates open on August 2.

  • Balbo from Columbus to Lake Shore Drive closed July 22 and will remain shut down until August 8.
  • Jackson from Columbus to Lake Shore Drive remains closed until August 7.
  • Columbus Drive from Monroe to Roosevelt
  • Balbo from Michigan Ave to Columbus
  • Congress Parkway from Michigan to Columbus
  • Jackson from Michigan Avenue to Columbus

Following last year's park evacuation due to severe weather, city officials have tweaked the emergency plan at the festival.

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