Local Rap Duo’s Anticipated Release Hits No. 1

The Cool Kids drop "When Fish Ride Bicycles"

"When pigs fly" means that something is probably never going to happen.

But fans of Chicago's The Cool Kids would be forgiven for thinking that it applies to the release of the hip hop duo's new album. Except the term "When Fish Ride Bicycles" would be more accurate, the name of the project that had been floating for years.

Well apparently the fish have started pedaling, because the album dropped Tuesday on iTunes, immediately rocketing to No. 1 on the hip hop charts.

"It's all a credit to our Chicago fans who've supported us for years," rapper Chuck English told NBCChicago.com at a listening party Tuesday at Reggie's Rock Club. "I'm just letting it all sink in. I want to enjoy it."

Many industry experts had pegged The Cool Kids as the next big thing, but the classic "creative differences" issues with their label held up the project. The duo re-signed with Mountain Dew's Green Label Sound, and finally got the green light to release the album.

"That's how a lot of good bands get started out, getting into some label mess early on and then they actually go through the rigamarole, beat it, and then they get to be free and make the music that they want to make on the level that they want to make it," rapper Mikey Rocks said.

The album features collaborations with industry veterans such as Ghostface Killah, Travis Barker, Pharell Williams and The Neptunes.

With a major label release finally on the streets, the group is in the process of making videos and touring to promote it.

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