Live: Lightfoot to Announce New Protections for ‘Commercial Corridors and Neighborhoods'

Already, Chicago police have outlined new strategies to combat looting heading into the weekend, with an increase of 1,000 officers expected

Note: Stream the press conference live at noon in the player above.

Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot is set to announce new measures "to protect Chicago's commercial corridors and neighborhoods" Friday, according to her public schedule.

The mayor is expected to join law enforcements, prosecutors and business and community leaders for a noon announcement in Olive Park. (Watch it live in the player above)

The Chicago Police Department released several videos of looting incidents that took place early Monday morning. Detectives are asking the public to look at the videos and help identify potential suspects.

Already, Chicago police have outlined new strategies to combat looting heading into the weekend, with an increase of 1,000 officers expected.

"We've increased our numbers on the street, on the ground, in our downtown area, in our neighborhoods, Chicago Police Supt. David Brown said. "That's the number one difference. We have extended hours that our officers work, we have extended the number of days they work in a week by canceling days off. So there is an increase of 1,000 officers above what would normally be here. Of course, longterm we are redirecting all of our resources to have a permanent increase in staffing not only in our downtown areas but throughout all of our neighborhoods. I'll just reiterate, this is our town. It doesn't belong to the criminals."

More than 100 people were arrested and numerous businesses were damaged early Monday as looting and chaotic scenes erupted throughout the city. As of Thursday, at least 42 of those arrested were facing felony charges, according to Cook County State's Attorney Kim Foxx's office.

Video from NBC Sky 5 shows damage and the aftermath of looting that broke out overnight at a Best Buy and surrounding businesses in Chicago’s Lincoln Park neighborhood.

Access to the city's central business district will remain restricted during overnight hours throughout the weekend, with street closures, bridge lifts, ramp blockages and transit reroutes all expected. Check points will allow only residents and area employees to enter.

"We are going to deploy all tactics necessary to prevent and stop looting," Brown said. "If that means deploying stop strips to puncture your tires if you're caravaning cars to loot. We will disable your cars to prevent the caravan and we will work very hard to do so. If that means deploying tow trucks to impound your cars that are caravaning to loot, CPD will do so. If that means blocking off streets and boxing in caravans of looters, CPD will work to do so."

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