Little Dipper Reopens at Six Flags

A legendary Kiddieland roller coaster found new life today when it was re-opened at Six Flags in Gurnee.

Little Dipper, a coaster synonymous with Kiddieland to most Chicagoans, was opened to the public during a '50s-themed ribbon cutting ceremony today.

"It's a remarkable testament to its popularity," said Ron Rynes, former owner of Kiddieland. "Six Flags getting it back up -- very rewarding."

Little Dipper -- which hasn't been used since Kiddieland closed last year -- is a colorful coaster, painted brightly with blues and yellows. But it's most attractive feature, for park owners and children alike, is that you only have to be 36 inches tall to ride.

"So many people in Chicago will tell you Little Dipper was the first coaster they every got on," said Hank Salemi, President of Six Flags. "You can ride with 36 inches. Batman you have to be nine years old. Opens up more opportunity to use the park."

As for the kids -- they, of course, love it. Just ask little Payton Liggett:

"I liked the first drop a lot!"

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