List Names Happiest States in America for 2017

Illinoisans looking to live in the happiest state in the country won’t have to travel far.

According to a new study, Minnesota is the happiest state in the U.S. for 2017, with Wisconsin and Iowa both following behind it in the nation’s top 10. 

The ranking of happiest cities, released by finance site Wallethub, evaluated each state in the country based on 28 metrics, including factors like depression rate, safety, sports participation, income growth, volunteer rates, weather, job satisfaction and more. 

Illinois was named at no. 20 on the list, noted for having among the lowest share of adult depression but one of the highest long-term unemployment rates. 

Minnesota was noted for having some of the highest adequate sleep rates, among the highest volunteer rates, some of the lowest divorce rates, and for being among the safest states to live in. 

Iowa, which made the list at no. 8, had one of the lowest long-term unemployment rates and Wisconsin, which followed immediately after, had one of the highest volunteer rates.

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