Lincoln Park Zoo Reveals Name of New Camel Calf as Alexander Camelton

It may not be hump day, but it’s International Ungulate Day, and Lincoln Park Zoo is celebrating it in a historic way.

The Chicago zoo announced the name of its new Bactrian camel calf Monday, a day celebrating ungulates, or animals with hooves. Zoo officials revealed the little one will now be called Alexander Camelton. 

The zoo called the name “a nod to the Founding Father and the hit musical.” 

The calf, the first camel calf born at the zoo since 1998, was born May 9 and made its official debut on May 18. 

The baby was 4 feet tall and 81 pounds at birth, but Bactrian camels can reach 7 feet in height and weigh up to 1,500 pounds. 

It is currently visible at the zoo along with the rest of its herd, including his parents and two additional adult females.

Alexander Camelton is the first successful offspring for mom Nasan and her mat Scooter.

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