Woman Stabbed on Way to Fullerton Red Line is DePaul Student, GoFundMe Says

A 21-year-old woman was walking toward the busy Fullerton Red Line stop on the city’s North Side was stabbed multiple times Tuesday by an unknown attacker, police said.

The assault took place about 10:53 p.m. in the 1200 block of West Webster Avenue in Lincoln Park as the woman was headed east toward the train station. Her attacker grabbed her by the neck from behind in a choke hold and began stabbing her repeatedly in the upper body, police said. The attacker did not speak and woman said she was unaware of being followed, police said.

The attacker, described as a male, about 5’09’’, wearing all black with a hoody and baggy pants, fled eastbound.

A GoFundMe posted Thursday says it is raising cash to help with the medical bills for a DePaul student who was stabbed in the same location and in a similar fashion. DePaul University's public safety bulletins lists the incident as occurring near campus but does not confirm the woman was a student.

The GoFundMe says the student was walking home from work when the attack occurred.

“While at this time she wishes to keep her name and face private, I thought it was important to share her story,” Leena Almasri, who launched the campaign, wrote. “The man who attacked her ran after she started screaming, and the couple that lived in the house she was in front of took care of her until the ambulance came.”

The GoFundMe page implies the victim does not have insurance and would be burdened by the cost of the ambulance, surgery, hospital stay and physical therapy.

No other information was immediately available.

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