Firefighters Injured Dealing With Lightning Strike to Wheaton Home

Neighbors say strike was the fourth in about 20 years among that cluster of homes on Durfee Road

Lightning struck a house in Wheaton Wednesday night, sparking a fire that led to injuries to three firefighters.

The fire started in the attic of the home on Durfee Road, but the homeowners and their children were downstairs and may not have realized there was a fire.

Neighbor John Dudzienski noticed the fire and banged on the door while his wife called 911.

"I came running out, I had shorts, no shirt on, went to the neighbors because all of the smoke was in the backyard," Dudzienski said.

Neighbors said it's the fourth lightning strike in 20 years among a few houses clustered on the highest point of Durfee Road.

"Our house was about eight to 10 years ago. We were hit, so I know the feeling, and I know the sooner you get there, you get people out," Dudzienski said.

The firefighters were believed to have been injured touching exposed wiring in the attic. The extent of their injuries was not released by early Thursday morning.

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