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Lightfoot Meets With Ivanka Trump on Trip to DC

Lightfoot is not expected to meet with President Donald Trump, according to the White House

Chicago Mayor-elect Lori Lightfoot was in Washington D.C. Tuesday where she met with Ivanka Trump.

Though Lightfoot was not expected to meet with President Donald Trump, according to the White House, the visit still marked a far different trip for the newly-elected Chicago official.

The relationship between the White House and Chicago has been rocky, with President Trump criticizing the city’s violence and its status as a sanctuary city and Mayor Rahm Emanuel criticizing the president himself.

Lightfoot had said she was open to a meeting with the president after both he and his daughter called to congratulate her on her victory.

"I think [Trump] has a genuine interest in trying to be helpful to the city," she said. "No doubt, our politics could not be more different and I'm not going to hesitate to speak out against things that I think are harmful or damaging to people here in the city who really have been harmed by a lot of the rhetoric. But he’s still the president of the United States.”

Lightfoot has said she plans to have a robust strategy when it comes to her administration's presence in Washington, D.C.

"It's very important that we are on the map in Washington, that we have good relationships with our representatives and, of course, our senators," she said. "Being physically present and having people know who I am and start to build those relationships - I know some of the people in the delegation for sure but it's important that they know me and that I start to have a physical presence in Washington, D.C., as well as Springfield."

Lightfoot met with some senators on her trip, which also included fundraising events for the mayor-elect.

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