Arson Suspected in 4 Libertyville Fires

Police are warning residents to be on alert

Police are warning residents in Libertyville to be on alert; a suspected serial arsonist may be targeting homeowners.

Police believe at least four house fires in the same area of Libertyville are linked.

Just before 4:00 am, Thursday, a garage was set on fire on West Cook Street.  The fire almost spread to a nearby resident's home. 

Cyndi Benner says she awoke from the smell of smoke and someone banging on her door. 

"I woke up the kids-- told them to put something warm on and get out of the house," Benner says.

About an hour before that, the back of a house down the block was lit on fire.  14-year-old Colleen Quigley was fast asleep upstairs when she says a gas soaked towel was tossed into their home. 

"My dad heard cracking outside," Quigley says, "he thought our grill was on fire but it was our house."

That same night two other garages, just blocks away, were also set on fire. 

Libertyville Police believe all of the fires may have been started by the same person and are warning the community to be cautious.

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