Car Buyers, Move To Libertyville

Village funds new incentive in hopes of boosting sales and revenue

Car dealers are always looking for ideas on how to lure more customers, especially now in today's difficult economy. The auto businesses in Libertyville are hoping their new and unusual incentive will entice new car buyers.

Under the Shop Libertyville Gift Certificate Program, anyone who buys or leases a new car from a Libertyville auto dealer between June 15 and September 7 will receive four $25 gift certificates redeemable at any participating Libertyville business.

The town is home to over a dozen dealerships, and more than half of its total sales-tax revenue comes from those businesses. So it's no surprise that the town wants to make sure that customers keep buying cars there.

"We need to support our local dealers during their economic time of need. We can do so through this gift certificate program, which in turn then supports our local merchants as well," Mayor Terry Weppler told the Lake County News-Sun.

But while many people agreed with the intent of the program, some questioned how the town would fund it. The gift certificate program is expected to cost approximately $65,000.

"What it really comes down to is, where is this money going to come from?" asked trustee Drew Cullum, according to the Tribune.

The village will use money in its surplus fund to pay for the vouchers, said Mayor Weppler.

Another question that arose: Is $100 enough to attract new car buyers?

"I think that $100 is enough for someone to swing over here," said Glenn Bockwinkel, co-owner of Acura in Libertyville. "We lose deals on a regular basis over $100 right now. This gives us an edge over other dealers and keeps the money in the community."

Matt Bartosik is the editor of Off the Rocks' next issue and a "between blogs" blogger.

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