Chicago Bulls

LeBron James Exchanges Trash Talk With Courtside Fan

LeBron James and the Cleveland Cavaliers knocked off the Chicago Bulls on Monday night at the United center, but the bigger win may have come in the battle between LeBron and a courtside fan.

That battle took place during the game, and was caught on video. The fan, sitting behind one of the baskets and next to the Cavaliers’ bench, was talking trash to James during the game, and the superstar wasn’t having it:

“I hope that ain’t your girl next to you because she’s filming me. Bum,” James said to the fan.

The video cuts off after the jab, but not before fans around the trash-talking man got in a good laugh at his expense.

Bulls fans will likely need to continue talking smack to opposing players to entertain themselves during games, since the team has now lost 10 contests in a row, including a 22-point defeat at the hands of James and the Cavaliers. 

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