Ball's in LeBron's Court

Rumors fly... Will LeBron James end up in the Windy City?

LeBron James is a free agent after this season, and the scuttlebutt around the NBA has the basketball king leaving Cleveland for more lucrative climes. Where he'll land, no one knows. But Chicagoans seem to think the windy city would make a good fit.

It's been just one week since the Celtics ousted LeBron's Cavaliers from the playoffs and already there's enough rumors swirling about his departure and eventual home to level the United Center. Here's a round up of the latest stuff: 

  • Members of LeBron's entourage were spotted this weekend donning Bulls regalia, which clearly is a definitive sign that Bron Bron is heading to Chicago.  [Daily Herald]
  • Rumor is that LeBron James and Kentucky University Head Coach John Calipari are a package deal.  The Bulls could use both. But don't believe all the hype. Last week, Calipari tweeted that he plans to stay in Kentucky next season. And the Bulls said they don' t need him. [Sun-Times]
  • LeBron James does seem interested in the Windy City, though. It could be the luvables attracting him or it could be Derrick Rose. James called Rose after the Celtics eliminated the Cavs from the post-season. James told Rose he liked his game, his team and he would like the chance to play with him. []
  • The New York Knicks could be an option as well. James reached out to former Bull Eddy Curry about practicing together in the off-season (Both James and Curry have close ties to NBA power broker William Wesley.) [New York Daily News]
  • Cleveland is putting together its own song and dance to keep the 2-time MVP. The group "Cleveland for LeBron" joined forces to get the king's attention with a new classic "We are LeBron." [YouTube]

Clearly it's just a matter of time before King James receives his Chicago coronation.

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