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Leader of Charter School Network Steps Down Amid Allegations of Sexual Misconduct

Chicago Public Schools officials say that an investigation was launched last year

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Tim King, the CEO and founder of Chicago's Urban Prep Academies, resigned from his post amid allegations of sexual misconduct with a student, officials say.

A letter to parents that went out Wednesday, while not specifically naming King, laid out the status of the investigation being undertaken by Chicago Public Schools.

“CPS directed the UPA Board to send a letter to families to inform you that the Chicago Public Schools Inspector General (IG) had initiated an investigation into an Urban Prep Academies administrator’s inappropriate conduct with a student," the letter read. "The administrator immediately went on a leave of absence upon the start of the investigation and was prohibited from entering CPS facilities, including those leased to Urban Prep Academies. He was also barred from having contact with UPA students.”

An Inspector General investigation substantiated the allegations, according to the letter, accusing King of engaging in an inappropriate relationship with a 16-year-old student.

" Our CPS leadership immediately demanded that UPA dismiss the administrator following that final determination," the letter read. "The administrator appealed the decision and the CPS Title IX Coordinator denied his appeal. After the denial of the appeal, the administrator resigned from Urban Prep Academies and CPS was informed of his resignation last Friday, July 29, 2022."

NBC 5 reached out to King's attorney Andy DeVooght for comment, but no statement has yet been issued.

In a previous interview with Chicago's WBEZ, DeVooght blasted the IG report as a "kangaroo investigation," and said his client is innocent of wrongdoing.

A source close to King sent us this statement on behalf of King:

“I’ll do everything possible to fight these false allegations, which were dismissed by the Illinois Department of Children and Family Services."

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