Laws Should Ban Teens From Tanning: AAP

The American Academy of Pediatrics wants kids under 18 to be prohibited from indoor tanning

To lower the risk of skin cancer in teens, the American Academy of Pediatrics wants laws in place to ban children under 18 from tanning salons.

In a policy statement appearing Monday in trade journal Pediatrics, the Elk Grove Village, Ill.-based organization reported the intensity of UVR radiation in some tanning beds can be up to 15 times higher than the sun at midday.

That puts teenagers at a higher risk for melanoma, described as the most serious form of skin cancer.

A spokesman for the Indoor Tanning Association told CNN the decision for a teen to tan indoors belongs to the parents, not the government

Still, more than 30 states regulate tanning by minors. Illinois is among the states considering legislation to ban under-18 kids from tanning indoors.

The AAP's statement says tanning is popular among teenage girls.

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