Lawmakers in Springfield With No Compromise in Sight

With just two days until the deadline to pass a budget, it appears Illinois may enter its second year of the historic budget impasse

In a rare Sunday session, lawmakers are back in Springfield ahead of the May 31st deadline, but the one person who is not there— Mayor Rahm Emanuel— is being singled out by Governor Bruce Rauner for the failure to reach a grand compromise.

After meeting briefly with the four top legislative leaders, Rauner spoke to reporters, telling them what Emanuel "ought to be doing is be down here in Springfield, advocating for reforms for his city. He's not here. He hasn't been here at all."

It doesn't appear likely the mayor will parachute into the state Capitol for the final 48 hours. The mayor's office suggests there is a long list of city staff and city leaders in Springfield.

Rauner has promised to veto the Democratic-backed House budget that is 7 billion dollars out of balance. The Senate has not yet voted on the proposal.

House Speaker Michael Madigan has signaled that no budget will likely receive the Senate and governor's approval before Tuesday's deadline. 

Madigan spoke to reporters after leaving the meeting at the governor's office Sunday, saying the House would remain in "continuous session" through the summer, the same words used last May when the budget impasse began.

Illinois is the only state in the country without a working budget. Lawmakers will be working through the Memorial Day holiday.

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