Lava Lamp Honors Obama With Goo

Local manufacturer issues collectors edition of popular kitch lamp

There's a new light on the Obama horizon.

Local manufacturer Lava Lamp, based in Elmhurst, Ill., has come up with a collector's edition of the iconic mood lamp to commemorate Barack Obama’s historic presidency.

Larry Gutkin, chief executive officer, Lava Lite LLC said in a Monday press release, “We believe this lamp captures Mr. Obama’s charisma and optimism, which are reinforced with the words 'Yes We Can' on the back of the lamp.”

The lamp includes, among other snappy details, a color photograph of a smiling Obama, "set against a blue and red background (and) framed in a star rimmed medallion set in the center of the Lava Lamp base," the news release said.

The lamp is selling for $39.99 and will be available at select retailers and at the company's Web site (you've got to at least listen to the site!).  

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