Last Oprah Taping Delayed

Wednesday's "secretive" episode will be taped Tuesday afternoon instead of Monday as planned

The final "Oprah Show" was supposed to be taped Monday, but unknown reasons delayed it by a day.

The final show instead will be taped at 1 p.m. Tuesday, according to a source, who says the episode will be produced by Oprah Winfrey and remains "very secretive." The finale will air as planned Wednesday. No reason is known for the delay.

Monday marked the beginning of the last week of "The Oprah Show," and as many already know, it was quite the star-studded affair.

Winfrey filled the United Center last week to tape back-to-back shows. For those who didn't snag a coveted ticket or hear about the entourage of guests, here's a look at Monday's edited episode.

Fans were involved in the taping right away, when surprise celebrity emcee Tom Hanks showed off a video montage of fans telling Winfrey how she helped them through tough times in their lives.

Winfrey's legacy remained in the spotlight as Madonna showed up to tell the audience that Oprah is her role model. She said that when people ask her about the people who inspire her, Oprah tops the list.

Later in the show, audience members held up their favorite children’s books after Hanks informed the audience that Oprah’s Book Club helped sell more than 30 million books.

John Legend joined the show via satellite from The Believe School in New Orleans, whose library remained empty after Hurricane Katrina and then a tornado that hit the school just two years later. Legend told Winfrey that Target not only rebuilt the library and restocked its shelves, but it also has done the same for 25 libraries across the country.

While Monday’s episode put an emphasis on Oprah’s legacy, Tuesday's show, which airs at 9 a.m., likely will focus on celebrity guests, including Will Smith, Michael Jordan, Aretha Franklin, Maria Shriver and many others.

Winfrey's final show airs Wednesday after 25 years.

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