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Last-minute haunted houses and places to visit in and around Chicago for Halloween

The clock is ticking to visit some of the best haunted houses this Halloween

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Just a few hours left to get your Halloween on -- but the holiday isn't over yet.

Across the Chicago area, some haunted houses are still open. And, at least one of the "most haunted places in the world" continues to welcome guests, Halloween or not.

As you dust your costume off for trick-or-treating, here's handful of haunted houses and places across the Chicago area.

Haunted houses

13th Floor Haunted House - Schiller Park

Explore two themed-haunted houses in suburban Schiller Park hosted by entertainment company Thirteenth Floor. The Deadlands is a post-apocalyptic world rife with viral mutations where visitors embark on a quest to expose the corporation behind the virus. Depths of Darkness, meanwhile, is a maritime horror adventure following an ancient deep-sea creature. on set. 

The attraction, at 5050 River Rd. in Schiller Park, is open Tuesday, as well as Friday, Nov. 3, Sat. Nov. 4, Sun. Nov. 5 and Saturday Nov. 11. You can view the schedule and buy tickets here

Nightmare on Clark Street - Chicago

Wrigleyville-based Nightmare on Clark Street is a three-floor labyrinth-style haunted house where guests must navigate their way through various scares. The attraction even has a bar with Halloween-themed cocktails, so guests over 21 can find liquid courage before continuing on. 

Nightmare on Clark Street is located at 3505 N. Clark St. and is open on Halloween. Tickets can be purchased here

Basement of the Dead and Shattered 3D - Aurora

Ranked number one on various haunted house lists is Basement of the Dead, a horror attraction featuring other-worldly creatures, ghosts and chainsaws in Aurora. Tickets to the haunted house include entry to the circus-themed Shattered 3D walkthrough.

Those who want to explore the set without jump scares can participate in “Nights of Isolation” on Wednesday, Oct. 25, where guests must find their way out of the Haunted House with just one glow stick per group. To celebrate the last night of the season, there will be a “Lights Out” event on Nov. 3 and 4 where guests will explore the 1,500 square-foot venue filled with actors and animatronics using only a glow stick to navigate. 

The haunted house, at 42. W. New York Street, is open on Halloween, as well as Nov. 3 and 4. Ticket prices vary depending on the day and can be purchased here.

Disturbia - Downers Grove

From the same creator as Basement of the Dead is Disturbia. Visitors will embark on a path that takes them through a haunted graveyard and pumpkin patch full of deformed monsters. 

Disturbia, at 1213 Butterfield Rd., is open on Halloween, as well as Nov. 4 and 4. iInformation on how to purchase tickets can be found here

HellsGate - Lockport

This multi-level haunted mansion is hidden in the woods, keeping its ghouls and secrets locked behind a gate. HellsGate features a giant slide and guests have the chance to get their ticket free if they can find the Key Master and solve their riddle correctly within 10 seconds. 

Visitors must park at 301 W. 2nd St. and take a roughly five-minute shuttle bus ride to the HellsGate grounds. The haunted house is open on Halloween, and on Nov. 3 and 4. Tickets can be purchased here

Massacre Haunted House - Montgomery

In this massive venue, visitors can walk through over 35,000 square feet of horror attractions rife with killer clowns and blood-thirsty nurses. A new "torture chamber" has opened up this year, too. Massacre Haunted House is one of the largest indoor haunted houses in Chicago land that features movie-quality set design and nearly 100 actors.

You can also find escape rooms and an axe throwing lounge. The venue, including the waiting line that has heating, is fully indoor and has 40 rooms, so don’t let the weather be an excuse to skip out!

The Massacre Haunted House, at 299 Montgomery Road, and is open on Halloween. Tickets can be purchased here

Haunted locations

The Old Joliet Haunted Prison

The venue housing this attraction was featured in "The Blues Brothers" and closed doors as a real prison back in 2002. Now, it’s said to be haunted. The Haunted Prison in Joliet is another Thirteenth Floor attraction. This year, it’s featuring four attractions: Cellblock 13, which houses an inmate with an insatiable thirst for revenge, the old prison yard, a labyrinth slaughterhouse and zombie laser tag. Thirteenth Floor has also organized a series of 5-minute escape rooms and serves Halloweened-themed drinks at the bar. 

The Old Joliet Haunted Prison, at 401 Woodruff Road, is open on Halloween and on Nov. 3 and 4. You can buy tickets here

James M. Nederlander Theatre (formerly Oriental Theatre)

If you've ever seen a show in Chicago, you may have been inside of one of the "most haunted places in the world" and not even known it.

One of the "42 Most Haunted Places in the World" is the James M. Nederlander Theatre in downtown Chicago, a new report from Condé Nast Traveler said. The famed theatre, originally known as the Iroquois Theater, and then the Oriental Theatre, at 24 W. Randolph Street, opened in 1903. That same year, nearly 600 people died after a fire broke out during a performance of a comedy-musical called "Mr. Bluebeard."

"As the show began its second act at 3:15 that afternoon, a spark from a stage light ignited nearby drapery," and excerpt from a Smithsonian Magazine account of the event read. "Attempts to stamp out the fire with a primitive retardant did nothing to halt its spread across the flammable decorative backdrops..It was soon apparent that the fire could not be contained. Audience members bolted from their seats toward what few exit doors they could find, but most were obscured by curtains."

The account, which refers to the event as "The Great Chicago Fire Disaster," goes on to say that "hundreds" of bodies piled up in the theater, with the space next door transforming into both a morgue and hospital.

In 1926, the theater became the Oriental Theatre after it was rebuilt and refurbished. In 2018, the theater was renamed to the James M. Nederlander Theatre, after the founder of Broadway in Chicago.

Still, ghosts are said to remain.

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