Cookie Store Offers Last Chance to Get Maurice Lenell Cookies in Chicago

Fans of Maurice Lenell cookies may want to stock up while they can.

The Cookie Store and More on North Harlem Avenue will sell the last of the legendary cookies, the Chicago Tribune reports.

The Cookie Store and More opened in 2010 to serve as the unofficial outlet for the brand, but it now reportedly has a “Last Chance for Maurice Lenell” countdown sign hanging in its front window.

As of Thursday, the sign said 18 days until supply runs out, the Tribune reported.

The Maurice Lenell Cooky Company closed its Norridge factory in 2008

Consolidated Biscuit Co., which bought Lenell's equipment and trademarks and promised to continue making the cookies, told the Tribune the equipment used to make the cookies has aged and the undertaking became hard to justify. The company also said the Food and Drug Administration, and customers, wanted a revision to the recipe to remove partially hydrogenated oils, but they say that revision “changes the whole cookie.”

Consolidated Biscuit Co. has since stopped production of the beloved old-fashioned treats, and all that remains at the Cookie Store is what's left on the shelves.

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