Six Chicago Police Officers Named in Settlement Agreement

The Settlement Agreement signed by Chicago’s top lawyer names a total of six Chicago police officers in a claim filed by attorneys for the family of LaQuan McDonald.

McDonald died October 20, 2014 after being shot 16 times by a single Chicago police officer. But the agreement signed by the city lists two officers, two detectives, one sergeant and one lieutenant in the $5 million dollar settlement.

In April, the family of LaQuan McDonald agreed to the settlement prior to any lawsuit being filed.

The city Law Department released the settlement agreement to NBC Chicago following a Freedom of Information Act request. NBC Chicago is not releasing the names of the officers because no charges have been filed.

The night of the shooting, a police union official said that McDonald had a knife, had damaged a police car and posed "a very serious threat." But attorneys for the McDonald family say he was walking away from the officer when the shots were fired.

The Medical Examiners report said the 17-year old was shot a total of 16 times -- nine times in either the back or back of his arms or hands.

The "City of Chicago denies," according to the Settlement Agreement, "allegations of wrongdoing and further denies any liability." But in the Settlement Agreement all sides agree "...there is an ongoing criminal investigation by the federal and state authorities of the incident..." And that "potential evidence" exists relating to "potential criminal charges."

That evidence, according to attorneys for the McDonald family is video from a police dashboard camera, which captured the shooting.

"You can see in the video as he is lying on the ground, that he is being shot while he is on the ground," said attorney Michael Robbins.

And while other officers did not respond with deadly force, Robbins and co-counsel Jeff Neslund said the officers' silence about the events of the night spoke volumes.

"Once an officer commits a fatal shooting," Neslund said, "they start to circle the wagons, and cover-up is what it is -- code of silence, the blue wall -- lets try to justify this thing."

Chicago police said they are cooperating in the on-going investigations of the shooting.

The dash cam video has not been released by the city and attorneys for the McDonald family have agreed not to release their copy until either charges are brought, there is a plea agreement, or a dismissal.

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