Video Shows Truck Flying Off Highway

Alexandra Stack

A western Michigan man seriously injured when his pickup truck launched into the air and fell 10 feet into a shallow creek continued to recover from serious injuries on Tuesday.

As if the thought of falling 10 feet wasn't bad enough, another driver on the road that day happened to catch the terrifying few seconds on video.

A portion of that video has now made its way to the social sharing site Vine, and the constant replay is likely to cause almost anyone to let out a "wow."

The video was shot by Alexandra Stack, who was in an adjacent vehicle.

Stack told The Lansing State Journal that she was driving to Kalamazoo for a dance team practice when she heard the truck on the median. She decided to record a video when the pickup began to hit signs on the median and went airborne. Stack estimated the truck was going about 70 mph. She immediately pulled over and called police. Stack said it was “the most terrifying thing I had ever seen."

The driver of the truck, Mark Moerland, was seriously injured but was expected to make a full recovery.

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