Residents Worry Over Recent Violent Crime in North Side Neighborhood

Neighbors in a southern portion of Chicago's Lake View neighborhood are concerned about a spike in violent crime and say they want to see something done about it.

Police confirm the crimes, from gunpoint muggings to break-ins.

Brittany Morgan said someone broke into her building near Wolfram Street and Greenview Avenue Sunday.

“They put a chair from our backyard up against [the] windows and climbed in through the kitchen,” she said.

About 12 hours before the break-in, the father of a neighbor was robbed at gunpoint a few blocks west.

Last Tuesday, police say, a woman was also mugged at gunpoint on the 1100 block of West George Street losing her keys and purse.

Resident Nikki Little called the recent crime “very disconcerting.”

On Aug. 20 several Subway employees were robbed at gunpoint at 2 p.m. and earlier in the month a man was shot in the neck while walking near Belmont Avenue and Racine Street.

“You expect a little crime in the city,” Little said. “But the fact that it’s happening in the middle of the day, and so often, with no real police response, it’s very alarming.”

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