Gaga Look-a-Likes Line Up Before Lolla

Lady Gaga look-a-like contest kicks of Lollapalooza


Wanna Gaga?

It came down to eight women, decked out in their most fabulous fashion forward outfit at a Lady Gaga look-a-like contest at State Street Pizza on Thursday afternoon.

From her hair, to her fashion, to her strut, these imposter pop stars gathered at the 400 N. State Street parlor to vie for the title of best-looking Gaga impersonator.

Miss Illinois Whitney Thorpe Klinsky and Miss Chicago April Strong saw them all and said that Anne Boyer's Lady Gaga space outfit gave her the winning edge.

In keeping with a tradition started by Gaga herself, the other contestants won free pizza.  The superstar has provided free pizza for her hungry fans worldwide.

Lady Gaga headlines Lollapalooza Friday night in Grant Park. The music festival launched her career into super-stardom back in 2007.

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