Lady Gaga Brings In R. Kelly For New Single

Chicago native R. Kelly is featured on Lady Gaga's "Do What U Want"

Lady Gaga has partnered with R. Kelly for a song whose content might seem uncomfortably familiar to the controversial Chicago native.

Gaga released her new single, "Do What U Want," Sunday night. The lyrical content is all about how a man can have her body, but not her mind, heart or voice. It's pretty cool until Kelly jumps in to sing about, um, doing what he wants with her and not caring about the haters.

While it syncs with the overall theme, it's hard not to be reminded of Kelly's alleged stints with underage women. And the alleged sex tape we all wish we could forget.

Gaga is known for her bold image, so it's not too surprising that she recruited someone with such a sketchy history for a song with raunchy undertones. It just makes Kelly's part a little awkward ... to say the least.

Despite everything, "Do What U Want" isn't a bad song. The beat is catchy, and R. Kelly's soulful voice complements Gaga nicely.

ARTPOP is set to be released Nov. 11. R. Kelly's Black Panties, meanwhile, will hit stores Dec. 10 (and yes, we're shaking our head at that album title, too).

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