Kustok Sentenced to 60 Years for Killing Wife

A jury found Kustok guilty of first-degree murder in March

Allan Kustok, who was found guilty of fatally shooting his wife in 2010 while she slept in their bed, was sentenced to 60 years in prison.

A jury found Kustok guilty of first-degree murder in March. He faced 45 years to life.

Kustok, 63, was convicted of shooting Anita "Jeanie" Kustok in the face with a .357-caliber revolver while she slept in their bed.

"When I saw the loss of blood I knew a call to 911 would not help her," Kustok told the courtroom Wednesday.

"Over the years it finally took a toll on him where he wanted everybody to hear what went through his mind that morning," defense attorney Rick Beuke said.

In July Beuke challenged the physical evidence presented by Cook County Assistant State's Attorney Jim Papa and called the prosecution's case a "crazed conspiracy." He said investigators mishandled evidence, allowing blood to be transferred onto Kustok's glasses and shirt.

"If he gave him the minimum, which was 45 years, he's dying in the penitentiary anyway," Beuke said.

In announcing the 60-year sentence, Cook County Circuit Court Judge John Hynes said the defendant "had it all" and "was living the American dream, but that was not good enough."

"The person who was supposed to be her protector was her executioner," Hynes said.

Prosecutors maintained that Kustok wanted out of his marriage and had a series of extramarital affairs in the days and weeks before his wife's death.

Prosecutor Jennifer Gonzalez said jurors told her the defense's argument wasn't believable and they didn't buy that Jeanie Kustok wanted the gun for protection.

"I think the defendant got a fair trial," Gonzalez told reporters after the sentence was announced. "I think that every single motion or argument that could be brought was brought, it was fully heard in the court and in the end justice prevailed."

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