Kristin Cavallari Talks Breastfeeding After Accident in New Interview

Kristin Cavallari was very candid about breastfeeding in a recent interview.

The former reality star and fashion designer, who is married to Bears quarterback Jay Cutler, told Momtastic how her injuries from her car accident last month made being a mom difficult.

“In January, I was in a car accident and I dislocated my elbow, which meant I couldn’t hold Saylor,” Cavallari said. “She’s a newborn, so I couldn’t just prop her on my hip. I needed to cradle her with two arms. Jay had to help me breastfeed.”

“He literally had to put her on my boob,” Cavallari continued. “He even had to help me pump in the hospital after the accident. I never thought my husband would be holding my pump up to my boob!”

The publication also asked Cavallari: "What’s something about you that would surprise others if they knew it?"

She replied: "I’m such a neat freak. I’m a little OCD when it comes to organizing. There’s nothing I love more than organizing my closet, the fridge, pantry — you name it!"

Cavallari’s publicist said she was hit by another driver in Chicago, but further details surrounding the crash haven't been disclosed.

Last month, Cavallari introduced fans to her new daughter, Saylor James. She shared on her app the first photo of the newborn's face.

"Here is my little angel Saylor," Cavallari wrote alongside the photo of little girl donning a pink headband. "I couldn’t have asked for a better baby. We’re very lucky to have such a sweet, easy girl, especially since she’s the third one!"

Cavallari has said that her daughter's birth has given her strength since the recent loss of her brother, Michael.

Michael Cavallari's body was found Dec. 10 in a steep and rocky area in an isolated part of southern Utah, nearly two weeks after a rancher found his car abandoned near the area.

"2015 brought my sweet, baby girl but it also took my brother's life," Kristin Cavallari wrote in a New Year's message on Instagram. "Hoping for no extreme highs and lows this year. Happy new year, everyone."

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