Korean War Vet Gets Police Escort Home After Being Carjacked by Masked Gunmen

After a brazen carjacking turned deadly, the 88-year-old Korean War veteran and victim returned home with the help of Chicago police after a terrifying day.

He was the central character in a story that began with a carjacking, lead to a police chase, and finally ended with a crash that killed one of the suspects.

After telling police about being carjacked — Dennis Baker returned home to West 61st and Carpenter where the crime happened.

His nephew, Oray Baker, says the military veteran just wanted to go to bed after a long day.

“He’s a good family man, christian guy. Nice guy. Really nice guy," Baker said. "I’m just glad he didn’t resist and he gave them the keys."

Police say masked gunmen carjacked Dennis Baker in broad daylight.

“He got out of the car and a guy came up and put a pistol in his face and said 'give me the car,' he said 'Yes, sir,'” Oray Baker said.

Police quickly spotted the vehicle and pursued it until it veered into a truck and then crashed into a retaining wall. 

One of the suspects died at the scene, the other was transported in critical condition.

“I’ve seen this over the last couple of weeks and I say to myself why is this happening right now?” Oray Baker said.

NBC 5 investigates found carjackings are again skyrocketing, more than doubling from just two years ago.

They’re happening all across chicago according to the data we’ve seen.

“We left Louisiana to come here for a better life and it’s crazy,” Oray Baker said.

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