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Some of 13 Kittens Found in Duffel Bag Available for Adoption

A total of 13 kittens were rescued on July 26 after they were found inside a duffel bag in a PAWS Chicago Medical Center parking lot

Some of the kittens who were rescued after being found inside a duffel bag in a parking lot on a hot summer day are now available for adoption.

Carole, Sundown, Viper and Wolfman, named after characters from "Top Gun," became available for adoption at PAWS Chicago's Lincoln Park Adoption Center Monday.

A total of 13 kittens were rescued on July 26 after they were found inside a duffel bag in a PAWS Chicago Medical Center parking lot. A worker with Feral Fixers, an organization dedicated to practicing and promoting trap-neuter-return, discovered the kittens Sunday when she passed a fabric bag on her way out of the facility and noticed something was moving inside.

When the woman looked inside the bag, she saw several live kittens and brought them inside to shelter workers.

"Kittens die quickly in the heat and thirteen little bodies and 80+ degrees and humidity is dangerous," a post on Feral Fixers' website read. "This definitely falls into the land of 'meant to be' and its (sic) wonderful that Debbie was in the right place at the right time and was observant enough to rescue these guys." 

After their rescue, PAWS said the kittens were "all safe and sound relaxing in foster homes."

Around the same time the kittens were discovered, PAWS launched its summer kitten adoption challenge, which they initiated to help alleviate an "over-abundance of kittens on the streets of Chicago."

“The warm summer months bring an influx of homeless kittens into the city pound where each are at risk of being euthanized because of space,” said Sarah McDonald, a spokesperson for PAWS. “There are too many kittens and not enough homes.”

The organization said it’s challenging the community to help it find homes for 350 kittens “in hopes of making a life-changing difference for both homeless kittens and our community.”

As part of the challenge, those who adopt two kittens at PAWS Chicago will receive 50 percent off the adoption fee for the second kitten. The challenge runs through Aug. 31.

PAWS Chicago is also part of NBC 5 and Telemundo Chicago's initiative to "Clear the Shelters." Their Lincoln Park Adoption Center and North Shore Adoption Center in Highland Park are both taking part in the event. Participating shelters will waive adoption fees on Aug. 15 to encourage people to adopt a pet and give them a loving forever home. Read more about "Clear the Shelters" here.

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